Top 10 Reasons for Joining AEE

Join AEE and gain valuable insight into current industry issues, upgrade your professional education, improve your leadership, managerial and technical skills, network with peers and much more! Now is the best time to become an AEE member and join colleagues from around the world to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, policy directions and marketplace trends. Here are the TOP TEN benefits from joining today:


  1. Access to AEE Publications. AEE members automatically receive complimentary subscriptions to four professional publications: Energy Engineering, Strategic Planning for Energy & the Environment, Energy & Power Management, and AEE Energy Insight. The comparable annual value of subscriptions to these four publications, if ordered separately, would be $230.
  2. Networking. Meet and mingle with the movers and shakers of our profession at our chapter meetings and AEE-sponsored events. At AEE conferences and expos, you'll have the opportunity to interact with colleagues, experts, and instructors from diverse disciplines within the energy industry.
  3. Professional Training. AEE seminars, conferences, and on-line training provide many of the tools you need to stay up to speed in all aspects of the fast changing energy profession. Members receive $100 off seminar and congress registrations. Currently there are seminars offered on 25 different topics in over 20 locations in the country.
  4. Awards, Certifications, and Scholarships. AEE gives special recognition awards on local, regional, and international levels for achievements in the energy field. Each year, thousands of professionals have used AEE professional certifications to advance their careers.
  5. Salary and Market Survey. Industry surveys keep you in touch with market trends, what your peers are earning, and your position in the marketplace.
  6. Key Employment Openings. Use the AEE website to learn about current job opportunities across the nation:
  7. AEE National Website Earn continuing education units (CEU) or professional development hours (PDH) by completing online training seminars. Access industry surveys, market trends, news, job offerings and much more.
  8. Conferences and Expositions. Each year the Association presents three major conferences and expos, including the World Energy Engineering Congress, West Coast Energy Management Congress and GLOBALCON . These events provide venues for meeting energy experts personally and seeing firsthand what new products and services are being offered.
  9. AEE Professional and Reference Books. The Association offers a full array of professional and reference books - all available to AEE members at a 15% reduction when purchased through the AEE book catalog or website.
  10. AEE Divisions. AEE divisions offer another opportunity to meet the growing needs of professionals in the specialized areas of business, industry, and government. In addition to joining AEE, try adding a division to your membership status. You will receive not only the benefits, but also additional publications.


To become a local member, you must first be a National member. Click here to join AEE National

Local dues are $30 for 1 year. Local dues renew annually at the begining of the year.


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